“Christian Questions with Their Answers: ‘This Do'”

Holy Thursday
April 6, 2023

“Christian Questions with Their Answers: ‘This Do’”

This is the night our Lord Jesus Christ gave his disciples to eat and to drink of his body and blood. And he didn’t mean just for that night. No, Christ was instituting a sacrament to be used often. Already in the pages of the New Testament, we see that the church partook of this sacrament whenever they met on the first day of the week, the Lord’s Day. And that practice continued through the history of the church. Now tonight, on this night when our Lord instituted the Sacrament, we here intend to go to it. And to prepare our hearts to receive the Sacrament rightly, in repentance and faith, we’ve just read the section in the catechism designed to help us do that. And so our theme for tonight: “Christian Questions with Their Answers: ‘This Do.’”